Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lessons Learned

So, being new the blogsphere - I've learned an important lesson this week. Don't ever delete work that you've done - or others have done to you, no matter how trivial, as everyone takes their work very seriously.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't take pride in your work, but I mean SERIOUSLY, don't delete comments others make - almost no matter what.
Its been very busy the last week. I'm working on 3 projects for various clients and companies, my family is busy with preparing for the first holiday of the 'holiday season' - our annual halloween party - and you can feel the holiday stress building already. Not to mention that I have about 5 more projects (just work related) built up already. I've also been asked to write my first article for a publication, iMedia ( I'm a big technology geek, and although I'm not a programmer by trade, I pride myelef on being a technologist and becoming an expert in 'how' a technolgy works and how it's used in business. So - I'll be writing about one of my favorite subjects - Flash Video - I have some frustrations - as I'm not all that happy with how it gets used, and some misconceptions that I think might be holding it back some. (anyway - I'll update more on that as I get it written).

Our Halloween party is always fun - it usually goes until about 3am (sometimes 5am) and usually has some combination of karaoke, DJ's, jello shots, scary monsters, etc to keep all types entertained for the evening. The key - we found out - is to always invite all neighbors - even if you know they won't come - because if you invite them - they seem less likely to call the police at midnight to shut you down - I guess they feel that they are invited, and although not there - that there is some legitamacy to the whole thing.

I worked all weekend - and I'll be needing to make that up to my wife and kids very soon, as I hardly saw them at all - sleep deprevation was definitely setting in between Friday - Sunday (Thanks to Todd ( for doing so much more than I did - he's the real hero). He's been my go-to guy for a couple years now and I wouldn't be a smarter business owner without his help.

That's it for now - I'm still not sure what to do about my cancelled triathlon - I may do Catalina in Novemenber - it's just a sprint -but it's supposed to be very tough.. although I may just train for the SoCal Half Marathon and call it a season.