Monday, October 13, 2008

ok - so it's really windy in riverside today (i think most of so cal is that way today), and it really sucks.

There is no way I'm putting my contacts in, and my eyes are liking the glasses so much today. I'm supposed to be training for the LA Marathon (Feb 16, 2009 - ) and as soon as I heard the wind at 6:30 I went back to bed. So now I feel crappy because I didn't run and just don't have time to go out now (samantha is sleeping).

On a good note, the stock market is way up (maybe the physical wind change, and the market are in sync today.. weird, huh?)

I hope the day starts to even out, as I'd love to get that 11 mile run in today. My younger son, Jordan is running it as well (actually I'm running it to do it with him, and he's only 12!).

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