Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year and Where is my next blog entry (all 4 of them)

Ok - so I've been trying to get better about how to capture the ideas I come up with for the blog. A couple triathlon ideas really needed to get out, on how to get back safely from our holiday feasting, and then some issues I see popping up online with Twitter, as folks start falling into the same bad habits they have in 'real-time' networking (grabbing as many cards as possible without having a single meaningful conversation).

Anyway - the draft mode is great. It lets me pop on - start an entry and see - there goes the phone now - ok, I'm back - as I was saying, it lets me get a thought down before I lose it and see if it fleshes out.

Unfortunately I now have several started but I seem to run out of day before they get completed.

Well, I feel a small sense of accomplishment by putting a couple thoughts together, and ofcourse, I had a few things I wanted to tweet about, but the calls and the blog writing all takes time. So many thoughts going on, and so little time.

Thanks for listening.

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