Friday, March 06, 2009

follow up on livestrong 'my daily plate' iphone app

just a short update letting folks know that I had a chance to speak with some of the team members who built the calorie tracker iphone app. They indicated that they are working hard and to watch for some great new features coming soon! I'm participating in their 'dare' to publicly track my food intake for 14 days. I could win an ipod, but that isn't my motivation, it's just lots of fun to have one more way to keep myself honest and accurate in tracking my daily caloric intake, and really test the iphone app to it's limits.

One of the areas i've seen that is lacking (one of the few) is that the 'fitness' portion isn't as nearly polished as the 'food' section is. I hope that is one of the areas that will get updated in the next version. It's really nice in 'food' for it to show me my regular menu items, and this would be huge for the fitness area too (so my regular swim, bike, run and weight training were just sitting there for me to pick).

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