Friday, June 26, 2009

9 miles of altitude - good - price the following week - bad

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I spent the past weekend up in Tehachapi, between Mojave and Bakersfield, with my in laws for the weekend. On Sunday morning, Fathers Day, I went out for my normal run, which I love to do up there. It's a 4.5 mile loop, at about 5000 feet elevation (i think it's actually 4750 or something like that - i need to reinstall drivers so it shows me my elevation more clearly.

For some crazy reason, I had a bug in my bun (oh, I should also mention that as I live in Riverside, I''m accustomed to running at about 350 feet above sea level), and deciced to run a second loop, in celebration to my Fathers Day bbq extravaganza planned for later in the day. Normally, a 9 mile run is my minimum average for my weekly 'long run', but that elevation gain really does take a little more effort. Overall, it seemed like after about 6 miles, I actually seemed to be getting accustomed to it, and really thought that the last 3 miles went extremely well.

The problems started on Monday and really ran all week. I really felt tired, which I'm assuming was an after effect of the altitude. I'm sure overall it'll make me stronger - but looking at my stats for the week - i certainly wasn't breaking any speed records. After that longer run, i really do get why the pros go up to Colorado Springs and Boulder to train. Doing that for even a couple weeks and then doing a race down at sea level must be a huge help.

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